How to reorder podcast playlist in Overcast


When you are travelling in flight or stuck in traffic or in any situation, playlists are the great way to recreate yourself. If a current podcast completes playing then there will be another playlist queued up and so you will not get bored. But sometime you desire to have more control than the preset playlist offers. Some of the podcast clients comes with the up next feature which allows you to override the playlist and introduces an alternative episode.

Overcast podcast app for iPhone and iPad allow you to simply grab any show and drag it to the top or it let you to reorder manually any way you like. Let us see here how to do this.

How to reorder podcast playlist in Overcast

  • First download Overcast Podcast player from iTunes.
  • After installing overcast launch it on your iPhone.
  • There tap on the playlist which you want to override and then tap on edit located at the top right.
  • Now touch and hold the grabber present next to the episode which you want to reorder.
  • Drag the selected episode to the top or to whichever position from the list you like.
  • Finally tap on Done.

That’s it, the episode which you have reordered will now play it in the new place in the sequence.

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