Reportedly Apple working with 40 companies to make iPad better


According to some reports from The Wall Street Journal, Apple is working with forty tech companies to make the upcoming iPad a better tool especially to boost the interest in business applications catered for the iPad through an initiative dubbed the Mobility partner Program.

Some of the companies includes in this program are accounting firm Xero, digital cash register company Revel Systems, and field-service software firm ServiceMax. Some partners, like Xero, have been invited to train Apple business specialists while other undisclosed partners were invited to an Apple sales conference in March where outsiders are not allowed to this conference.

How this program is still covered in secrecy ans its unclear what are the companies will be invited to the event and the invited companies also doesn’t know names of the other companies who are invited along with them.

Apple is said to be making a concerted effort to keep the program under wraps, asking that partners refrain from publicly referring to the program by its name. However, Apple’s ultimate goal for the program is said to be selling application bundles targeted at specific industries, similar to the company’s current collaboration with IBM to create industry-specific apps for the enterprise.


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