Reportedly Samsung to make Apple’s chips for next iPhone


Few months ago, already some rumors came out regarding that Samsung to make Apple’s chips for next iPhone, now one more report came in to existence which makes strengthen to the previous rumor that Samsung to make Apple’s chips for next generation iPhone. Samsung has reclaimed its spot as Apple’s supplier. TSMC made the chips for the iPhone 6, however before that, Samsung’s chips were king for iPhones. There is no word announced officially from any one of the company.

You may confuse why Samsung to make chips which is a great competitor to Apple where as mobile and semiconductor businesses of Samsung are completely separate and run by different executives. The Galaxy smartphones in Samsung Mobile’s division have been struggling after the iPhone 6 has taken markets like the United States and China by storm. Samsung’s new deal could help boost the balance sheet of the entire Samsung conglomerate.

As per Korea times which was released last November that Samsung would replace TSMC, but not until 2016. If Bloomberg’s report turns to be true, Samsung is getting Apple’s business earlier than believed.

Researcher Gartner recently reported Apple spent $25.8 billion on chips last year, accounting for 7.6 percent of industry purchase will make it a pretty big win for Samsung. Hope soon both the companies comes forward for an official announcement.

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