Ron Wayne’s 10% stake in Apple would be worth $100 Billion today


Apple Inc registered itself as the most valuable company with $1 trillion market value. Originally Started by Steve Jobs, Wozniak, and Wayne, Apple had a $666 stock market value in 1976. Today the company has grown to be the world’s most valuable company due to the digital revolution that is still continuing today with new innovations. 

Ronald Wayne, the 3rd co-founder of Apple Inc, who had 10% share in Apple Inc during the foundation days of the company, sold his 10% share for just $800 dollars after 12 months of founding the company alongside Jobs and Wozniak. Ron Wayne had even designed Apple Inc’s first logo depicting Sir Isaac Newton sitting below an apple tree. With Apple Inc becoming the world’s most valuable company, it is estimated that if Wayne had kept his 10% share till date, his shares would be worth over $100 billion even after adjusting to the inflation parameters.

Just some months after foundation of the company, Steve jobs had taken a $15,000 dollar loan to fulfill the contract made with The Byte Shop a PC retailer company. Wayne had a costly doubt of The Byte Store company’s efficiency and also about the imminent lack of funds with Jobs and Wozniak, which meant he’d have to bail out the firm if anything went wrong. So he decided to sell the shares of his company to a meager $800 and this fateful decision he took 40 years ago has costed Wayne dearly as his percentage of shares today would have got him anything over $100 billion dollars. The unpredictable future and has deprived Wayne of being one of the richest men in the world.

But Wayne in contrast to the belief of him regretting his decision of leaving the company early, actually did not regret his decision of leaving the company early, as in a recent interview Wayne revealed he’d never regretted his decision of leaving Apple Inc early. In another recent interview with Business Insider and also Cult of Mac in 2014, he expressed his growing incoherence with Jobs and Wozniak, whom he referred to as intellectual giants also he voiced out his concern of being in his 40s while the other 2 were in their 20s which eventually summed up to his resignation. He also told even if had kept the shares he would’ve only been the richest man in the century.

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