Salonist Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $119.00


Salonist Review: Salonist is a business management software designed specifically for salons, spas health centers, and barber shops, loaded with unique tools and features to meet their particular needs and requirements. It is a rich platform that comes loaded with its own POS (Point of Sale) system, payroll management capabilities, inventory management tools, finance management, and appointment scheduler among others.

Salonist is equipped to the brim with all the features you need to simplify and streamline your business processes, from managing clients to scheduling staff to accepting payments and monitoring items in your inventory. It even has a comprehensive suite of accounting tools to help you stay on top of your finances plus commissions/bonus calculators in addition to its impressive payroll features.

Buy Salonist Lifetime Deal for $119.00


Salonist is a powerful scheduling & management software for your spa or salon business. It helps to maximize your productivity through marketing automation methods. Salonist is a powerful tracker to manage your business activities and workflow.

The owner can easily achieve the following: slot blocking, off hours booking, inventory management & reporting, coupon management, loyalty system, email marketing, payroll, customer data management and KPI reporting.

Marketing Automation: Salonist will help you create and schedule emails with drag & drop features. You can take advantage of our email marketing tools by sending offers, greetings, and reminding clients they can book with you 24/7.

Mobile App: Easily check job cards & upcoming appointments, view sales summaries, send direct notifications & easily check appointments.

Online booking 24/7: Streamline your clients’ booking experience with varius ways to schedule appointments. Get booked through links from Facebook, Instagram or a widget on your own website. (It avoids duplicate bookings and over booking!)

Memberships: Generate various membership levels for your salon business. The automatic billing feature can be used to pay for memberships, and provide offers and discounts for every level.

Packages: Attract customers to pay for services in advance by allowing them to buy multiple visits at a discounted price. Salonist tracks the pending visits automatically, and the customer can check their balance in the app or from the website software panel.

Get Appsumo Salonist in the Deal for $119.00

E-Wallets Cards: These cards will be assigned to particular customers and be custom designed for your brand. Through these cards you can track client history, visit details, and the amount spent with you.

Salonist gives you marketing, sales, and appointment management automation to make sure you can focus on generating revenue.

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