How to save file to DropBox from iOS8


Though this article let us see how to save file to DropBox from iOS8 using the share extension on iOS where you can upload a file to your Dropbox account from anywhere on Operating system. The ability to upload nearly any file to Dropbox on your iOS device has been sorely absent where as third app allows us pick and upload a photo from within the app, uploading files was near impossible unless a third-party app supported Dropbox.

The DropBox got updated recently and allows you to upload files from anywhere using iOS8’s share extension. Before sending files to your DropBox account you have to download the latest update from App Store. Once the app is updated you have to enable Dropbox extension from a share sheet.

How to save a file to Dropbox from anywhere on iOS

The simple way to open the photos app and select a photo and tap on share button and Scroll the bottom row of icons to the left, until the More button is present. Tap on it, then slide the switch located next to Save to Draft  to the On position. Before pressing Done, take the time to rearrange your sharing options as you require. Back on the Share sheet will be the Dropbox icon. Tapping on and select where you would like to save your file.

Once you start using it, previous locations will show up in a list making it easier to repeat the process without much work.

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