How to save webpage as PDF on iPad



For any information you require, you depend on internet and you always need to connected with internet to fetch large amounts of information. if you want to read the webpages when you are offline then there are some ways to do it. If you want to save webpages on iPad as PDF files to read them later, then here is how to do it.

How to save webpage as PDF on iPad

  • Launch Safari browser on your iPad and enter URL to create a bookmark.
  • After the page gets loaded, tap on share icon and on “Add Bookmark” and this saves the page as bookmark.
  • A dialog box will appear with bookmark name and URL. Enter Save as PDF and tap on Save button and this will save as bookmark.
  • Tap on bookmarks bar and tap on Edit and this allows you to edit the saved bookmarks. Now tap on Save as PDF bookmark which you have created.
  • Now copy and paste the below the URL in the URL field.
  • Now tap on return and then on Done, this will save the changes.
  • Go to any page which you want to save as PDF. When the page appears tap on Save as PDF bookmark which you have created earlier. This converts your webpage into PDF format.
  • Now your webpage will be seen as PDF in the browser. On the right top of the screen you will find an option to open the PDF file in the iBooks or another app.

That’ it, now you can open webpage as PDF file on your iPad.

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