Scott Galloway talks about reasons behind Apple’s long-lasting success


The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google by NYU professor Scott Galloway takes a look into what made these (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google) tech companies great and what they did different enough to be become the best. It discusses how a company goes from being a one time sensation to a household brand. How these companies stayed relevant. How Apple does it best.

Apple made computers sexy. Computers were just really useful devices till Apple renovated what they mean.  They were not something you flaunted, they were something that got work done. Apple asked- Why cant’t you do both? Why can’t my computer have beauty and brains?

Scott Galloway mentions that no country knows how it is going to stay relevant. As Steve Jobs said in a speech at a Stanford graduation once, ” You can only connect the dots looking backward, you cannot connect the dots looking backward”

Apple has succeeded in marketing their products better than anyone else. The advertising strategy of persuasion by associate design is down to a fine art for Apple. Even looking back at the Macintosh and the iMac G3 in 1998, as bulky as those devices look today, they embody what Apple has believed from the very beginning- Beauty sells, even when it comes to technology. Apple could sell you a rock, but it will sell it to you as a diamond. The iPod became a style statement, white iconic earphones are now a part of western civilization.

Apple sold itself as more than technology, it sold itself as what we want to be- simple, sleek, sexy. We only add to our fashion statement what we wish to add to our life. As Scott Galloway mentioned in his book, Apple was the first company to advertise itself through Vogue, a supermodel was holding an iPhone selling it, not a techie. Apple sold itself as luxury to a consumer by being advertised by people and companies associated with it.

Apple can sell anything because it knows how to sell. With the way Apple sells and with the products Apple produces, it could well be around for a while.

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