How to set up and use animoji on Apple iPhone X


Apple iPhone X has been launched with a number of new features and one of the most talked about features is Animoji. According to one of the recent statements by an Apple executive, the company has invested a lot of R&D in this feature and customers are going to love interacting with their phones. Animoji makes use of the true-depth camera and works according to the real life movement of your face and mouth.

Animoji is currently available only on iOS 11 messages and support just the iPhone X. It is still not very clear as to if the company will launch this feature for other older iPhones, however, for now it seems unlikely because animoji has been projected as one of the USPs of iPhone X.

iPhone X has started to ship and a lot of you will already be having it in your hands. In this short quick-tip article, I am going to take you through the procedure which will help you set up and use animoji on your iPhone X.

  • The animoji feature is currently available only in iPhone X iMessages. However, any user can receive the animation or the static wallpaper, even if he is not using an iPhone X. While drawing from the left side of the keyboard, you will see a tray full of various characters, which can be used to create animations. The tray at the bottom of screen has small characters, however, you can tap on your desired character to highlight it in the upper area and see the preview of how it’ll look with your expressions and voice.iphone x animoji
  • If you want to send just a sticker with your facial expression, simply try to inact in front of your front camera and tap on the icon once you are ready to capture. Once you are done capturing, just drag the icon to the chat and it send the same to your contact.iphone x animoji animation
  • If you are looking to send an animation to your contact, you will need to tap onto the red circle present on the screen. record the animation, check preview if you want to edit or retake and then drag it to the chat.iphone x animoji static
  • Once you are done capturing your animoji animation, the screen will show two buttons. The blue button makes you send the animation to the chat which is open and the red button lets you delete the animation and retake it.
  • The animation or the static wallpapers are delivered to the other devices in form of a picture or a video, so that, the same is accessible to users using a device other than an iPhone X.


This is it. Do try out and let us know if you like your experience with iPhone X animoji. If you have any doubt, feel free to reach out to us in the comments section and we will try our best to solve your queries at the earliest.

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