How to setup call relay on Mac


Call Relay is one of the Apple’s continuity feature which allows you to answer and call anyone from iPhone using Mac, without need of your phone. Continuity is the new feature in Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 which lets iOS and Mac devices stick to their form factors while working continuously together.

Coming to the Call Relay feature it will be very helpful in the cases like, if you are working with your Mac and left your iPhone somewhere. You no to log into same Apple ID and on same Wi-Fi network, it works on same carrier, uses same phone number and plan as the iPhone to which it is connected. It also displays the number of the caller, contact picture and other details.


  • iPhone running on iOS 8.1 or later version and Mac OS X Yosemite running on Mac.
  • Connected to same Wi-Fi network and logged in with same Apple ID.

How to setup call relay on Mac

  • From your Mac’s dock, launch FaceTime icon by double-clicking on it. If you don’t find then search it through Spotlight search instead.
  • Click on preferences in face time menu.
  • Here, make sure that checkbox iphone Cellular calls must be checked.

Above process is to enable call relay, to disable repeat the above steps and uncheck the box you checked in final step. This is not enough, actually you need to enable call relay on your iPhone. Check below for how to do that.

Enable call relay on iPhone

  • Open settings app on your iPhone from app drawer and tap on facetime
  • Check for iphone cellular calls, if it is not enabled then turn on the option

When you receive a call, then your Mac will display the call at top right corner where there were options to Answer and reject the call.

How to call from Mac

You can call others from your Mac using Contacts, Calendar and Safari

  • Just move the mouse pointer over the number which you want to call
  • Wait for few seconds for blue phone icon to appear
  • Now click on the icon to call that number

That’s it call relay has been setup and you can call and answer calls from your Mac as discussed above.

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