Shadowgun legends for iOS is now available on App Store


Madfinger games has officially released Shadowgun legends on Android, iOS and Nvidia Shield TV.

The latest Shadowgun legend games offers single player campaign, cooperative and competitive multi-player gaming as well as some RPG elements and it is probably one of the best visually looking games we seen on mobile devices.

Now, you will be able to check out over 200+ single player missions and plenty of cooperative and competitive content. It is a free to play title with some in app purchases, which are mostly cosmetic items. Gear can also be obtained in online raids with other players and obtained across 4 different planets. Legends has a serious destiny vibe to it, featuring an online hub where you can interact with other players and join raids to hunt for Gear. There’s also support for live streaming and a Long term plan for updates and additional content. Legends also features the fantastic visuals you would expect from the Shadowgun series, with all the bloom and particle effect you would want to looks absolutely beautiful.

The game has officially released on March 22nd and as far as we can see, rating and review on iOS, they are mostly positive, with minor rants about golden boxes filling up the inventory which will be hopefully be fixed in future.

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