Shifts calendar app for shift worker on iOS


Shifts calendar app on iOS s specially made for the users, who works in different timings like if you are on-call every other weekend, work the night shift twice per month, or have two jobs to juggle, this app makes keeping track of your schedule a bit easier.

The application users have to start by creating shifts and enter the name of the shift as per you desire. Then you have to choose the start and end time of the shift. If you vary in rate of pay, even you can also include the hourly rate of pay. To identify the type of shift , you can select the icon which makes you easy for monthly view.

Once you have completed the adding of all the shifts, then go back to the monthly view and tap on the plus symbol option to add your desired shifts by tapping the data on the calendar. But only two shifts can be added per day. There is also set up to customize shifts rotations. If you know you are on call every other week, set up a rotation that will automatically populate your year’s schedule. Daily notes can also be added to the shifts.


You can also overlap your personal calendar into this shifts application, so that it will help you to see everything going on this month. This shifts calendar can also be shared to your colleagues and friends by tapping an icon to sent a copy of the month via email, SMS, Facebook and many more. The shifts can be added to your notification center so that you can be getting notifications of the upcoming shifts.

This shifts calendar is available on the App store and you can download it for $1.99.

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