How to sign a document on iPad using Adobe Reader


These days everything is going virtual with the penetration of internet and increased use of PCs and tablets. Unlike before important documents are exchanged through internet. But, what if you need a sign on a document, it need to be sent physically to other party. But now this can be easily done digitally using iPad with Adobe Reader app. Here is the tutorial for how to do it.

How to sign a document on iPad using Adobe Reader

  • Open the document which you want to sign in Adobe reader and in the toolbar tap on the icon which looks like bubble with a pen and at the right bottom you will find fountain pen icon and tap on it. Now on tap on the document where you want to sign.
  • After tapping on the area where you want to sign, a white space will appear in middle and draw your signature with your finger or stylus.
  • If your sign ha gone wrong, just leave it for a second and an option to clear it or adjust the thickness will appear. You will be taken back to the white space where you will asked to sign again. If you want to adjust the thickness you can do it by using thickness option and color.
  • Use any of the four handles at the corners and adjust the size of the signature and fit it in box and make it look better.
  • If your signature is perfect, tap away and it perfectly set into the document. If you need to add other signature, tap and hold on the place where you want and tap on signature in popup and add the signature where ever you want. After everything is done, tap on share button, print it or take some other action.

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