Signal’s disappearing Messages related to Mac Notification Center


According to some reports, Signal’s Mac app displays newly received messages in the Notification Center on macOS, and this feature could imperil a user’s leaving private messages.

One of Signal’s chief benefits is its capability to send disappearing messages. So that next to a decided amount of time the message is erased from the app. Muffett looked out on Twitter this week that Signal’s default Mac app settings slightly oppose this protection action. Due to the way Macs manages notifications. So, if you send a self-destructing message within the Signal app, the messages remain on the recipient’s Mac Notification Center. And it will be displaying your name and message details.

Patrick Wardle the Mac security researcher next examined the matter farther. And discovered that the “deleted” Signal messages that reside in the Notification Center are stored on Mac’s disk inside the operating system. While this is valid for any app that presents notifications. It’s especially troublesome for Signal users in need of high-level security, like government workers or journalists.

Wardle has said that Signal’s iOS app seems not look to have a similar problem at this time. Nevertheless the app “should be investigated.” Of course, any Signal Mac user who is bothered about possible privacy perils can travel to Signal’s Preferences menu. On the top-left corner of the screen when the app is working, clicking the Notifications, and “Disable notifications.”

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