Siri Shortcuts Offer Scope for Limited Spotify Interactions in iOS 12


Recently, Siri is going to open streaming media apps like Spotify, but it is not possible to play songs or video from third-party sources.

Meanwhile, Apple has still to specifically support the functionality. One of the elements in the recently-announced Siri Shortcuts highlight in iOS 12. It could cover the way for Siri-controlled playback which Spotify should choose to fulfil it.

Shortcuts of Siri allows users to connect specific third-party apps that streamline voice controls, providing connect to app-specific things to an invokable Siri slogan.

According to some reports, the Siri Shortcuts focus on “Play Media” plan. It will allow users to direct audio and video media from third-party apps. And it could probably be used to instruct Siri on iPhone or HomePod to a selected playlist on Spotify.

It’s still not fully clear how difficult this integration can go, but it operates less seamlessly than Siri controls for Apple Music. The Siri Shortcuts displayed during WWDC keynote were restricted to steady actions over apps.

Siri is used for performing an artist or playlist from Spotify. And then the hearer can use the regular Siri media playback duties to check the listening experience.

Another problem, of course, is that it solely depends on whether Spotify chooses to execute Shortcuts. But the new characteristic in iOS 12 is at least a good sign. It shows that Apple is emerging Siri to enhanced adaptability with third-party streaming services.

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