Siri used to summon medical assistance after serious motorcycle crash


Apple’s Siri is being used for medical assistance by a 17-year-old in New South Wales, Australia who used Siri on his iPhone to summon medical assistance after he had a serious motorbike accident.

Many reports in recent months have suggested that many lives are beings saved all over the world. Apple watch is the users savour with serious medical conditions. It appears to be another production of Apple technology has been profitable for people in a bad circumstance.

On May 17, Darcy McKay had an accident, his bike got hit on a bush track. He was suffering from many fractures to his vertebrae, his tailbone got fractured, his pelvis bone also got broken and he was even bleeding from the pancreas.

He was unable to move after the crash. He used Siri and asked Siri on his iPhone to call triple zero, the Australian equivalent of 911 and then the emergency services reported within 20 minutes later.

McKay said that “I am so happy I thought of using [Siri], otherwise I would have been shoved. He supported Siri and also asked others people to make sure to activist Siri on their phones.

This report came at that time when Siri’s importance and use were been questioned, primarily in comparison to Amazon’s Alexa and other competitors. Siri has its major use which proved this time as well. Everyone should active the Siri service on their phones for better use and services.

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