SiteGuru Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $29.00


SiteGuru Review: SiteGuru is an efficient SEO solution that runs free website checks and analysis for improvement and usability issues. SiteGuru helps to correctly optimize websites to enable search engines direct more traffic to such site. It helps to ensure that components like Meta descriptions, Page title, Sitemap and other important things are properly optimized. SiteGuru provides users’ site with a solid setup and important SEO technicalities are properly checked to leave visitors happy and willing to come back.

The tool gives users a full picture of their website, including the not so obvious issues affecting the site underneath. Other important features include auditing, content management, dashboard and link management. To use SiteGuru, all users have to do is enter their website address, and they can enjoy SiteGuru for free, providing weekly issue reports.

Buy SiteGuru Lifetime Deal for $29.00


SEO doesn’t have to be complex. With SiteGuru, you get a full SEO audit, that tells you exactly where you need to start to improve your rankings. Now you can get SEO success without knowing all the SEO details.

No need to go through endless reports without knowing where to start. Siteguru gives you a prioritized SEO to-do list to help you improve your rankings.

Are you an SEO consultant? SiteGuru runs website audits, and saves you hours of making sense of the report. We are SEOs ourselves so we know what’s an important issue and what isn’t. Instead of a list of thousands of pages and issues, we give you an actionable to-do list.

By combining data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics, we also help you monitor your SEO performance. We tell you which keywords you can rank for, which pages dropped in the search results, and how you can improve the click-through rare from Google.

Get Appsumo SiteGuru in the Deal for $29.00

SiteGuru Features

  • Dashboard
  • Auditing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Management
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Link Management
  • Mobile Search Tracking
  • Rank Tracking

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