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Sitejet  Review : For most creatives, acquiring customers and managing the business makes you want to put up a permanent out-of-office sign. The built-in project management tools reduce micromanagement and prevent endless check-ins so you can focus on doing the creative work you love.

Accelerate your productivity with a built-in ticket system to keep you and your team on track with client requests. Plus, Sitejet’s to-do manager lets you oversee your projects and track their statuses as they move from preparation to publication.

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With Sitejet, you can give each client access to their own dedicated portal to improve collaboration. They’ll be able to fill out pre-design surveys, upload data and files via the intuitive transfer interface, and share feedback with the on-page feedback tools.

Better collaboration doesn’t mean sacrificing control, either—set permissions for your clients to give them full or restricted rights to edit, view statistics, and more. As a web designer, you want the freedom and flexibility to make your vision into a reality.

Click Here to Buy Sitejet Appsumo Deal at $59.00

But if you want to scale, you also need the tools to work effectively with customers and deliver quality services. Sitejet combines powerful web design tools with features to simplify client requests and project management, so you can do what you do best: get creative.

Sitejet offers a good little site builder for people that may not find WordPress very easy. I am dogfooding it with a couple of clients and am looking at Sitejet to expand into non-wordpress alternatives for my more DIY client base.

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