Slack for iOS Review : Simplified corporate communication


What is Slack?

Slack might look like a social platform similar to Facebook and Whatsapp. What makes it different from these? Slack is designed with business-related communication in mind rather than entertainment. It brings all the team-based communication and collaboration at a single place. This makes Slack a very useful communication tool for both the budding startups and the large enterprises.


The communication between the members can be easily searched through. The built-in sharing options allow the users to share their work with one another quite easily. One can easily collaborate with the team member working on the project with Slack from afar. The feature known as “read state synchronization” lets you read the something on your iPhone. When you switch to your computer, the computer will sync with the phone and mark the things you have read before.

The app integrates with google drive, Dropbox, and other services easily making it a very powerful tool for the team. All the members can see the content so, there won’t be a need to send the carbon copy of emails to different members and different departments. Thus, the organization becomes a lot more efficient.


Someone who hasn’t used the app before can learn to use it quite easily. The dashboard is easy to understand and contains all the necessary menus to help in ease of communication. The app allows real-time communication as well as customizable notifications if the user is busy elsewhere. The new members can easily access the communications which have occurred in the past as it is stored in an easy to search database.


Slack is a great app for communicating with the team members and is fun to use as well. The app is available for free on the App Store. The free version stores up to 10000 of the recently sent messages. read state synchronization. read state synchronization. The premium plans offer features like video conferencing, higher storage space and lots of other features. You can get the app from here.

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