Smartphone demand in China hit an all-time low since 2013


Chinese smartphone shipments see a record-breaking decline

Once crowned the King of Smartphone business, China is facing a crunch in the smartphone demands in the first quarter of 2018. The smartphone market sees its largest drop in five years. What goes up surely falls? Well, this is the perfect example, isn’t it?

Smartphone shipments in China dropped to a massive 91 million units in the first quarter of 2018, thereby marking the largest single quarter decline on paper. This also is the first time since of 2013 that the Chinese Smartphone shipments have fallen below 100 million units.

Technology market analysis firm Canalys has estimated that smartphone shipments in the country plummeted 21 percent year-over-year in the first quarter of 2018 — the steepest drop since 2013. The report also asserted said that eight of the ten major smartphone manufacturers were hit with annual declines. The decline has been credited to the raging mimicry because of the fierce competition. Want me to quote an example? I’ll give you three; “Headphone Jack”, “Dual Camera” and “The Notch”.

However, the slump faced by Samsung was forced. The company was restricted not to sell a certain number of handsets in China after a court ruled that it had infringed on Huawei patents. But let’s not just take Samsung in the radar, almost everyone saw their shipments go down. Oppo and Vivo took the most damage with the worst hit of 10 percent drop. Gionee, Meizu and of course, Samsung shipped less than half what they shipped in the Q1 of 2017. Huawei, who displaced Apple from the pole position saw a mere growth of 2%.

The only rebel in the group is Xiaomi, probably India’s favourite Smartphone. Xiaomi saw a growth in its shipments by 37% to 12 million units. The company went on to overtake Apple to become the country’s fourth-largest smartphone supplier. The company is also trying to shake its budget smartphone image and recently announced it would limit its net profit margins from its hardware sales to 5%.

The Chinese smartphone market is currently being dominated by Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi. Only these four companies saw their market shares increase, while other manufacturers, including Apple, lost footing.

But this is only the first quarter. 3 more quarters to go and who knows, which company might launch a device that changes the whole complexion of the game!

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