Smartphone Loyalty sets new high, Might not affect the iOS sales a lot


CIRP’s latest data reveals the actions what compels the users to Switch

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) is out today with a new report on how loyal smartphone users.

While Apple regularly touts “switchers” as an area of growth for the iPhone. The latest CIRP data states that Android users are way more loyal than iPhone users, at least over the last 12 months.

CIRP reports, that its research shows Android has a 92% loyalty rate, compared to the 89% loyalty rate of iOS as of September of 2018.

The smartphone loyalty numbers have fluctuated slightly over the last 3 years, but Android and iOS are both currently at their highest-ever points.

What requirements the users have they switch accordingly

“Loyalty has crept up for both iOS and Android in the past two years, to the highest levels we’ve seen,” said Mike Levin, Partner, and Co-Founder of CIRP. “Basically, For the past three years, around 90% of US smartphone users remain with their same operating system when they buy a new smartphone.”

On a larger scale, this means that neither iOS nor Android are likely to win over too many customers from the opposite platform.

CIRP’s John Lowitz explains that amidst many predict that OS switching is rising, especially switching from Android to iOS, in reality, that isn’t currently the case.

The difference is that many analyses are based on what customers have planned to do, whereas this CIRP data is based on what customers have actually done.

CIRP Data puts the 2 Mobile OS Ecosystem in a Question

“Over time we’ve seen the analysis that predicts OS switching, particularly from Android to iOS, will increase going forward,” said Lowitz. “That’s absolutely possible, but it would represent a significant change from the long- term trend. These analyses are based on asking what consumer plan or intend to do, which as we know is highly subjective and often more aspirational than realistic. The CIRP loyalty analysis is based on what consumers actually did in the most recent quarter.”

During Apple’s earnings release every quarter, Tim Cook regularly recommends “switchers, first-time smartphone buyers, and existing customers” as strong drivers of iPhone sales.

If CIRP’s smartphone loyalty data is to be believed, however, then it seems switchers likely only account for a small percentage of iPhone buyers.

CIRP’s findings are based on quarterly surveys, each of their survey consist of a 500-person sample.

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