Smartwriter AI Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $459.00


Smartwriter AI Review: Can you create personalized cold emails at scale without hesitation? Emails that actually get responses?

It might seem like a relatively simple thing. But would you say the same thing if you had to write those emails manually every. Single. Time?

If you dread reaching out to people one-by-one, coming up with a copy for each person then SmartWriter’s for you. It’s the fastest way to get meetings on your calendar, backlinks to your blogs and more

Buy Smartwriter AI Lifetime Deal for $459.00

Smartwriter AI Review

Create personalized cold emails in seconds without doing any prospecting or research. Get 95% accuracy email verified addresses, LinkedIn data, News and much more without lifting a finger.

Additionally, generate gripping eCommerce product copy that converts visitors to customers. Use emotional and behavioral copy to get your customers to open their wallets.

SmartWriter lets you dominate marketing like a pro with little effort. Create landing page copy, Facebook ads, answer Quora answers and more!

Get Appsumo Smartwriter AI in the Deal for $459.00

SmartWriter AI Features Plans

    • Create AI personalised cold emails in seconds

    • AI based Personalised LinkedIn Outreach messages

    • Personalised backlink outreach icebreakers

    • Create personalised messages using Google reviews

    • Use AI to comment on IG posts

    • Create tailored AI personalised icebreakers

    • Find anyone’s verified email address in a click

    • 40% discount on all upgrade plans

    • 14,500 words per month (1100 copy credits)

    • 300 outreach credits per month

    • Stack 1 additional code: 29,000 words and 600 email credits per month

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