Snap by Groupon app offers cash back on all kind of purchases


Groupon has recently launched an App called Snap by Groupon which gives awesome deals on all the purchases you do. Snap gives you notification about promoted brands and if you buy anything of that brand from stores, just sending the receipt copy can earn you great cash back on all the purchases.

Once the cash back balance reaches a threshold amount of $20, you can ask a check to be mailed over to you.

Snap by Groupon Logo

Snap by Groupon works more or less like the typical couponing system, but with less hassles and the cash back takes some time to be credited into the account. You can also earn by promoting your friends to use this app. Snap by Groupon has been around since a while as SnapSaves in Canada, however, it was only after Groupon acquired it, the app for a makeover in the UI part and has started to do well.

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