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Sonos co-founder praises HomePod sound quality; suggests Spotify support

Apple’s HomePod is to a great extent the organization’s immediate rival to Sonos. To celebrate its recently discovered rivalry, Sonos yesterday discharged a custom Spotify playlist with a concealed message for Apple.

Presently, Sonos prime supporter and previous CEO John MacFarlane has taken to Twitter to share his early introductions of HomePod. MacFarlane was CEO of Sonos until last January.

In a tweet, MacFarlane adulated the HomePod’s setup procedure and bundling. Concerning sound quality, he says the HomePod offers “awesome sound and no cut-out at volume,” the he takes note of that its a “somewhat substantial on the bass.”

Proceeding with, MacFarlane additionally adulates “Hello Siri” acknowledgment, particularly how well it’s ready to distinguish the summon when HomePod is at max volume. The previous CEO of Sonos, be that as it may, says that Apple should open HomePod as a stage for applications like Spotify.

The “Hey Siri, play blah blah” is really good, even at max volume. I have some interesting problems where it’s not always my HomePod responding but am impressed with it’s ability to pull out my request (when it’s playing).

Of course, missing Spotify is a gaping hole, and Airplay isn’t an answer. They will need to open it as a platform for Apps.

Given that MacFarlane is the prime supporter of Sonos, you’d think it’d be simple for him to suggest Sonos over HomePod, yet that is not really the situation.

MacFarlane brings up that Sonos is an “entire home arrangement” with items for various utilize cases, for example, the PlayBase and PlayBar, while HomePod performs one part. Besides, he takes note of that the HomePod “conveniently beats a solitary Sonos One,” yet that two Sons Ones matched “complete a prevalent activity.” Notably, you can get two Sonos Ones at an indistinguishable cost from one HomePod at this moment.

 Folks – if you ask me which to buy – HomePod or Sonos, it’s hard to answer. Sonos is a whole home solution (room with a TV (PlayBar, PlayBase), room with music (Play:1, One, Play:5), and fit with existing or chosen speaker (Connect, Connect:Amp). HomePod does one of those roles.

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