Spotify for iOS updated with touch preview and gesture features



Popular music streaming service Spotify has released an update to its iOS app which allows the users to listen to the songs preview and help them to build the playlists is more easy convenient way. The new update brings the fittingly dubbed touch preview which allows the users to simply hold their finger down for 2 seconds on any song and this will give short snippet of the song. If you want to listen to a new track then simply drag your finger onto the another song. To play the full version of the song, just tap on the track like before.

In case if you are listening to one music track and you want to listen to preview of another song in middle, you can listen to the preview and once the preview ends, then song which you were listening to previously will continue from where it get stopped.

Along with this song preview feature, the update also brings new gesture support to the app, which allow you to add your favorite music track to the music section with just swiping to left or if you want to add it to queue then swipe to right. For now this features are made available only to the iOS device, but Spotify said that it is working to make it available on all other platforms.

Spotify lets you to build your favorite playlists and share them with your friends. You can search and listen any song for free. Download Spotify for iOS from the below link.

Download Spotify 

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