Springtomize 3 gets updated For iOS 9 launch Soon


Springtomize 3, the original tweak by Filippo Bigarella, is noted to be right around the corner for iOS 9 users. According to a publications, it is currently compatible with the iPhone 6s, but will have a public release to all jailbreak users sometime soon.

It is also noted that the official version is right around the corner for all iOS devices, and will be coming out sometime soon. However, we do not know a specific date, so it could be coming in a couple of days or weeks.

Actually Springtomize 3 is a jailbreak tweak that allows users to customize a plethora of Springboard attributes. This means you can change icon labels, the size of app icons, adjusting the animation speed of various things and much more.

It is also noted that developer Janosch Hubner (@Shared Routine) helped Filippo with one of the recent updates. This means version 1.4 is set to be fully compatible with iOS 9, this should bring a nice smooth experience for jail breakers when using this tweak.

Jeff, who received this copy noted that he was able to resize icons, hide labels, customize the status bar as well as perform other tasks smoothly on his iPhone 6s, all while using the test version of Springtomize 3. Right now we can tell you when exactly this tweak gets released and  we will be sure to let you know when this tweak comes out.

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