Starbucks card can be reloaded with Apple Pay


The Starbucks app for iPhone is the easy and also fastest way to pay your coffee with out wallet as you all very much aware about this. Now Starbucks app users have an additional feature, where users can reload their Starbucks digital card using Apple pay. Earlier Starbucks use to support credit, debit cards and also Paypal accounts where these are depended on storing the information in the application.


Where as in Apple pay it is entirely different from previous methods, instead of generating one time use unique code for each transactions, you use this Apple pay feature to reload the Starbucks card faster with the help of Touch ID.  By the popular demand the menu is enhanced, when you browse the menu you will find additional calorie details on the menu items.

There is a limitation with this digital Starbucks card and Apple pay consolidation, where this works only with manual reloads. when Apple pay is integrated with Touch ID and it requires the authorized finger print to access the payment. Where as this doesn’t work for the automated reload. This updated application is available on the App Store where you can download for free of cost

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