Steve Jobs’ employment application sold for $170,000


Steve Jobs is idolized as a man ahead of his time, with the brain of a tech God, but before that he was just a kid who was not that great at filling out job applications.

Last month several rare items from Steve Jobs’ personal collection were put up for auction. The items were auctioned by RR Auction and there were 3 items in total. An iPhone 3G article, a Mac OS X manual and most importantly Steve Jobs’ haphazard and fairly short employment application. The application from 1973 was initially expected to be sold for $50,000 but sold for a whooping $174,757. The selling price is even more staggering when you take into account that it was sold for $18,750 at Bonhams just last year.

The newspaper clipping for the iPhone 3G article which has Jobs’s signature sold for $26,950. It was also signed by Tony Fadell, the senior vice president of the iPod division at the time. The signed Mac OS X manual was sold for $41,806. The total amount from selling all three items is almost a quarter of a million dollars.

Fetching quite an amount, this is quite an important part of history. Both the iPhone 3G article and the  Mac OS X manual have backstories, both having to be pushed on to Steve Jobs for a signature as he was remembered saying to the cosigner,” I feel weird doing that” but then relented and signed both of the. The executive vice president at RR Auctions, Bobby Livingston stated-

“Steve Job’s and Apple encouraged each of us to ‘Think Different,’ and even today several years after his untimely passing it’s still difficult to think of anyone more iconic, or influential who has had such profound impact on our everyday modern lives”

The winning bidder was from London and was an entrepreneur himself. He decided to stay anonymous.

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