See what Steven Levy, original iPhone reviewer says about iPhone X


Steven Levy, one of the four journalists who had reviewed the original iPhone back in 2007, has got an early access to the latest Apple iPhone X. As a courtesy and to celebrate the milestone product, Apple shared the device with Levy before the official launch and he has published his review at Wired, where he currently works.

In his review, Steven seems quite impressed by the new addition to iPhone, the Face ID. Numerous times in his review, he has spoken about how the new iPhone didn’t let him trick it by using various means of unlocking the iPhone. Also, the side button to set up Apple Pay is something which is equally impressive.

Apple has also considered the privacy in the new iPhone. Notifications will not be visible while the phone is locked. The users can look at the phone and once the face ID recognises the face, notification content will be available on the screen. The 5.8 inch OLED display seems much larger than iPhone 8, however, the body seems just a tad bit bigger, thanks to the full screen display. This means, users will not find it too big to hold and use.

Battery and camera are the two things which are a clear upgrade from the previous models of iPhone. Though the Face ID takes a while before it starts to recognise the users fully, the overall experience, according to Steven, has been great.

The full review of iPhone X can be found here.

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