Supply-chain reports forecast peak iPhone sales in coming quarters


Apple’s recent supply chain reports indicate what could be the highest sales Apple has ever had for their iPhone. Taiwanese supply-chain indicates that Apple is going to buy 250-270 million display panels and 110-130 million units of OLED panels. Apple’s highest ever record in 2015 at 231 million could be beat if these reports prove accurate. The current iPhone X will need about 70-90 panels for itself and the rest including newer models of the same 5.9 inch size. The remaining units will be used for a model yet to be released.

Apple is also taking over 60-70 million 6.1 inch LTPS panels for another model yet to be released.Other LTPS panels of varying sizes for the iPhone 8, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 will also be produced. in the tune of 60-70 million.

Samsung will continue being the primary provider for displays, followed by LG.

At this point though, none of these figures are set in stone and so nothing should be taken too seriously. That is if, the sources prove accurate. Apple will also probably look at the maximum they may take from each provider (Samsung,LG,etc) and be calculating am extremely high figure. Apple may finally settle on a particular provider as their primary and only order a certain amount from a secondary source.

KGI predicts Apple will sell 100 million of the yet-to-be released lower cost LCD model along with two other models as well, but at the same time multiple reports for low iPhone X sales prevail. The actual sales for Apple could go either way, and the only way to know for sure is to see it happen.

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