Telegram to transition to faster and more battery friendly swift built-app for iOS



This year in January, Telegram released its new ‘Telegram X’ which it has offered in conjuction with the standard Telegram messenger app. The difference between the two is that Telegram X is built entirely with Apple’s swift language. Today itself, Telegram Founder Pavel Durov announced that Telegram is transitioning entirely to its Swift built application.

This Swift built version of Telegram looks exactly the same as the objective C-version, but is much faster and more battery friendly.

Durov made the announcement on Telegram, saying that

“This new Telegram is now available for everyone to download under the name. Thousand of users have been testing it and sharing their feedback with us, so thanks to them app is now much more polished than a few months ago. While we are still putting, some finishing touches on it, seems that the new telegram is ready to be shipped every Telegram users on iOS.

Telegram iOS app with swift version. Telegram will become faster, slicker and more efficient. It will rely on an entirely new codebase, some minor bugs and glitches might occur, but we will make sure they are quickly fixed”.

If you want to get a preview of what the Swift Version is like, you can download the Telegram X application for free from the App Store.

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