Tim Cook completes 7 years as Apple CEO; Brief look at his achievements


When Apple’s soul, Steve Jobs passed away, many believed that his successor won’t be able to take the company to new heights. All of the doubters were proven wrong, as Apple is stronger than ever under Tim Cook. 24th August marks the 7th anniversary of his tenure as the CEO.

Under Cook, Apple has spread like a grapevine into all kinds of niches. Not solely depending on the success of the Mac and the iPhone, Apple ventured into the smartwatch category with Apple Watch. Through the iPad, it created an insurmountable gap between itself and it’s competitors in the tablet field. Apple TV and other products also had an unprecedented reception, all due to Cook’s enterprise. And, not to forget, Tim Cook-led Apple to become the first company to reach the trillion-dollar evaluation.

Cook’s huge payday

24th August marks the CEO’s 7th anniversary at his job. It also marks the day where he gets his $12o million dollar paycheck. Bloomberg first reported the figures of his check, which is more than $30 million more than last year’s.

How did Cook become richer-

As an appreciation reward for taking over from Steve Jobs, Cook received a restricted stock option. On Friday, i.e his anniversary as the top executive, he will earn 560,000 shares of Apple, whose encashment is at his discretion.

However, this reward of more than half a million shares was subject to the contingency of Apple’s success. Apple had to meet the threshold of outperforming 66% of the S&P 500 companies, and it did. Its stock doesn’t seem to stop rising anytime soon, already being up 35% for the month and 25% for the year.

Cook is not only a brilliant leader but also a magnanimous human. Just three days before getting the paycheck, Cook donated $5million worth of shares to a charity. Apple would go to any extent to keep such a man in the company

However, if the 57-year-old chooses to leave the company in the near future, COO Jeff Williams would top the short list of possible successors.

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