Not here to make money with Apple Music; Tim Cook hits back at Spotify


Apple Music recently overtook Spotify as the music app with the most number of subscribers in the USA. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently stated that he is worried about humanity being drained out of music, leading to a world of bits and bytes instead of art and craft, So concluded by telling that Apple is not in Apple Music for money.

These recent comments by Tim Cook were actually aimed to take a jibe at Spotify, who started turning to human curation for their playlist and have also grabbed Apple’s former R&B curator Carl Cherry from Cupertino. Apple and Spotify have been in an intense rivalry, Apple is a big company that earns billions of dollars in every quarter,  whereas Spotify has hardly earned any profit in the recent fiscal quarters. Apple’s major advantage is their big distribution base, where Apple Music app is installed on every iPhone, iPad as the primary Music app. Whereas Spotify is mainly used and dependent on the sale of top 2 smart speakers namely, Amazon’s eco lineup and Google’s home speakers.

Daniel Ek, the founder of Spotify, recently told that he believes that Spotify’s complete commitment to music and music only will give Spotify, the required edge over Apple which is manufacturing many products that have got nothing to do with music. Ek believes this advantage will help his company overtake the number of subscribers of Apple Music in the near future.

Apple Music users are treated with the feature to make a customized playlist of recommended content, also a regularly updated genre based playlist designed by the respective human editor. Apple music also features new albums, interview with artists and a live radio station.

Tim Cook has disclosed his liking to music in many of his interviews in the past, this time also Cook confessed telling that he couldn’t make it out of workout without listening to music, also expressed that music motivates him and is better than any medicine.

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