Tim Cook visits Alma Matter Duke for commencement speech


Well college days are certainly special to every individual and it’s those days that shape an individual to be a perfect fit for the corporate world. And certainly going back to the alma mater after a span is certainly a special moment. Such was a moment for the Apple CEO Tim Cook when he had gone back to his Alma Matter Duke for the commencement speech for the 2018 graduates.

Well, Cook’s speech encapsulated everything from climate change and its effect to Apple’s use of the renewable energy and certainly telling the graduates how important an obligation it is for them to leave the world a better place than they had found it.

And certainly the slogan that did come up was ‘Think Different’ keeping in tune to what Apple had as its slogan in the late 90s.

And mostly walking in line to the spirit of being adventurous, he asked the students to be daring as it is only the daring spirit that helps and individual accomplish that task which had looked insurmountable and it is the braveness and vigor that matters more than anything.

Given that the firm ideals that Steve Jobs had set up fr the company during his time, and pretty much continues to be the legacy at Apple these days as well, Tim Cook had thanked him and said, that the learning experience he was lucky to have from Jobs was the sheer belief he had in the dare to do spirit and mindset.

He also said that it is important to be restless as great ideas only come to people who are restless and maybe young minds find it easy to nurture the restlessness.

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