Timeline iOS app much more than news reader


Time line is a new application on iOS platform which make better sense of subject, This app is much more than news reader. It shows the headlines and historical context to help you understand the content much in-depth. Currently this application is running on the version 1.0.1.

This application has presented with a list of headlines, each with a relevant picture. Just click on a story to read the Timeline. You can either scroll through the entire set of contextual stories in linear fashion, or tap the Timeline View to see all related stories and switch to a specific one you are most interested in.

Let us see the highlight features of this app Timeline :
  • Get the latest news and users can scroll through its history for better understand how the news came here.
  • By seeing the timeline view, quickly you can go through the story.
  • As per your interest you can get the news.
  • Even it is possible to¬†Bookmark your favorite timelines and view your entire reading history.
  • users can share the timeline directly into the social networks which includes Twitter, Facebook and many more.


This Timeline application will support only iOS 7 or later, The concept of this application is really impressive because each article includes pictures, links to other stories on the subject, and some even have videos that you can watch via YouTube. when comes to drawback in this app includes some of the content loads very slowly. Currently this application is available on App Store for free of cost.

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