Tips for Solar Energy in Adelaide


So you’ve decided to join the revolution and install some professional solar panels. Welcome to the modern age! Now that we have that out of the way, we’re going to show you some special tips that can help when it comes to having solar energy, as many people often have certain issues that cause their power to drain a lot more. Therefore, our goal in this post is to help you eliminate that, and since Adelaide is an extremely popular area for many homes to have solar panels, you want to get the most usage out of them possible.

You Can Greatly Increase Longevity by Decreasing Usage

What this means, is that your goal is to not only reduce the cost of electricity, but also eliminate wasting it as well, especially if you have solar panels. By making sure unnecessary power isn’t used, try making sure that you lower your power consumption with appliances, light bulbs, water heaters, and other continuous energy draining items in your home.

LED Lightbulbs are The Solution

With modern technology, you can actually lower your energy bills and energy consumption by up to 50 percent just by switching all of the lightbulbs in your home to LED powered light bulbs. LED can produce as much light (measured in Lumens) without burning excess energy, and they don’t heat up either, which also results in them lasting a lot longer.

Get Rid of “Standby” Appliances

Believe it or not, you will find when you enquire that most televisions have options to go into “standby mode”, just as computers, game consoles, and even some appliances in your kitchen. This causes the ghost power to actually keep your device powered on, even if it’s in sleep mode. If you have the option to not use standby modes (such as computers being put into “sleep mode”, or the same with many flat screen televisions and gaming consoles), then disable them.

Don’t want to lose precious data on your computer? Consider enabling hibernate mode (which turns your power off, but saves its state before it shuts down), or just save your data and shut it off. You can even benefit further by having their power supply completely shut off when not in use as well.

Use the Sun as Energy Right!

When you think about it, the daytime periods are when you want to use things like the dishwasher, stove, and more. This way you can use your solar generator more, since the daytime is when the panels are producing maximum output and it’s normally high enough that the energy can be used directly while still being able to charge your PV unit. Try using low-wattage items however, and have plenty of backup batteries that can provide extra power for high-wattage items.

Conclusion: Find the Right Solar Provider

Finding the right solar panel installation company also matters greatly, so you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your solar panels, and your entire reusable energy unit. In Adelaide, you want to look into companies like MDB Solar, who are specially trained and certified electricians that can greatly help to provide quality solutions for your home. They even handle commercial projects as well.

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