Top 10 Music Apps for iPhones (2018)


iPhone users do sure get an amazing quality of music from iTunes, but investing money every now & then is very hectic, these options might help those who don’t want to spend a lot or even not at all

There is a wide range of music apps which would let the users stream their favorite music. But, every time is not the same for iOS users, sometimes they are limited by the options and need to spend a little to listen to ‘AC/DC’ or, even to ‘Neha Kakkar’.

This is a compilation of 10 music apps which would let the audiophile jump out. They aren’t restricted and even allows offline music playback. Sure, to earn some revenue they would bring in some advertisement. But, there shouldn’t be any reason to be dissatisfied, these apps would make the users day by the end.

10 Music Apps for iPhones (iOS users) to stream as well as offline music listening

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#1. Freelegal Music

Freelegal is a free music download app that can process free music downloads for iPhone or iPad and provides the user with more than 7 million different MP3 songs via his/her local library. By using it you can find a large variety of artists and music from all over the world.

How to Use Freelegal:

  1. Install Freelegal from iTunes store on iPhone/iPad.
  2. After that, user can search the library for the desired song they need.
  3. Press the download button to get the song in the library.
  4. After that, one can easily access the downloaded song from their device anytime.

Pros: Easy to use UI and a large number of songs to download.

Cons: Some users experience frequent crashes.

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#2. Beats Music

Beats Music is a great free music download app for those that want to stream music fast and then download it to their device. The great thing about this app is that it lets, users’ access more than 20 million songs from just about every genre, so one can surely have a blast exploring all the music they can find here.

How to Use Beats Music:

  1. Install Beats Music from the App Store.
  2. Then choose the music the user want to listen.
  3. Just need to press play and the music will start loading in the background.
  4. To download music, just press the Download button.

Pros: Interesting concept and large song database.

Cons: Confusing interface, slow download speeds and lots of low-quality songs.

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#3. Spotify Music

Spotify Music is very similar to its sibling app Spotify, this one allows the user to access all the music on the popular platform without any hassle. Users’ will have a blast finding new songs and artists using this application, while also being able to create their own playlists as well.

How to Use Spotify Music:

  1. Install the App from App Store then search for the desired song or artist.
  2. While listening to the song one can download it with the Download button.
  3. If the user wants, to create a playlist, they can and listen to it in shuffle mode.

Pros: Brings the Spotify service on mobile, has an enormous database. Great sound quality.

Cons: Needs premium account to download songs. Displays ads.

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#4. iDownloader

iDownloader serves not only as a music downloader, but also provides video downloads, players, photo viewer and it even comes with a web browser built-in. This app brings numerous management as well as sharing features, which makes it a great addition to iPhone app stash due to the functions it can provide the user with.

How to Use iDownloader:

  1. Can be installed from App Store.
  2. Find the desired songs and press the Download button to download it.
  3. The app supports multiple downloads at a single time, background downloads and even pausing, resuming or canceling a download that is in progress.

Pros: Plethora of features that make it more than a music downloader.

Cons: Slow download speeds random crashes at times.

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#5. SoundCloud Downloader Pro

Soundcloud is a huge music database and the fact that one can easily use this app to download songs from there is nothing short of amazing. One can use the app just as easy for streaming music, but if downloading it is what the users are really after, then they can easily do that without a problem. It also supports Airplay, Background playback as well as high-quality downloads, which is great.

How to Use SoundCloud Downloader Pro:

  1. Just search Soundcloud for the desired songs.
  2. Download music with ease by pressing the Download button.

Pros: Large song database and stylish interface.

Cons: Can’t download all songs, only those that are downloadable on Soundcloud.

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#6. The Music+

The Music+ brings a lot of ease for people that purchase music often, as it allows them to easily download their music without any hassle. The application is very easy to use, it’s completely optimized for iOS and it even allows to record as well as playback music without any problem.

How to Use The Music+:

  1. Search for the music desired to download.
  2. Then press the download button and it will automatically download it in the library.
  3. It can also access iTunes library and download music without too many issues.

Pros: Amazing interface that is also very easy to use and reliable.

Cons: Brings only basic functions that might be less than expected from advanced users.

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#7. Spinrilla

Spinrilla allows the users to access a large database of hip-hop songs on your iPhones/iPads. It brings a great way of finding new hip-hop artists without too much hassle.

How to Use Spinrilla: Download and install the app then choose the songs you want to listen to. Download them simply by pressing the Download button. Once downloaded, the songs will be added to your library.

Pros: A large database and good sound quality.

Cons: Only hip hop songs.

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#8. AwesomeMusic Player

AwesomeMusic Player allows to browse videos, download them and then convert them to MP3 for more convenience. In addition, it also brings things like multitasking, bookmarking, fast conversion as well as iTunes file share.

How to Use AwesomeMusic Player: Search for the video the user want to view, then press the download button. After that, the user just needs to select the video and convert it to the desired format for convenience.

Pros: A large database to choose from. Fat conversion speeds.

Cons: Doesn’t download files automatically, need to convert them first.

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#9. Music Downloader

Music Downloader allows to listen to songs online and download them legally. It features a browser, downloader, and player bringing complete integration with all of these components.

How to Use Music Downloader: Download the app, enter the browser and search for music. If desired to download just press the Download button and it will grab the song immediately. It will be ready for the user in the library to listen.

Pros: A wide range of music it can download. It comes with an integrated player and browser.

Cons: Some bugs stop the music in the middle of playing.

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#10. Mazika

Mazika is an application created particularly for Arabic music lovers. It brings a ton of Arabic music as well as the latest songs from radio stations around the globe. Users can easily explore artist profiles and download the music they want from within a single application.

How to Use Mazika: Download the app, go to the Mazika website and choose the artists. Once there, listen to the songs and press the Download button near them in order to download the desired songs.

Pros: Listen to the radio and download music at the same time.

Cons: Download speeds are very low.

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