Top 5 email apps for iPhone


Emails have become integral part of our lives and most of the people are using multiple inboxes to manage their personal and professional mails. Though, iOS features an in-built mail app, but default mail app doesn’t have variety of tools which help you to manage and organize you emails. For this purpose, there are so many third party email apps which you can choose from. Here I am listing 5 best email apps available for iPhone in the Apple store.

Top 5 email apps for iPhone

1. Mailbox


Mailbox is the popular email application from Dropbox which is completely overhauled, fast and mobile friendly email application which allows you to quickly manage emails between the folders. You can snooze you emails, for example if you don’t have time to view emails, then you can set the time when you want to see them. It is intelligent and self learning app, as it learns from your swipes and snoozes automatically.


  • Swipe mails to archives and trash quickly and easily
  • Snooze you emails, when you want to view them with just a single tap
  • Features Dropbox integration, which makes it easy to upload attachments

Download Mailbox 

2. Dispatch


Dispatch is the another email app which makes it simple to view and manage mails while on the move. It is not only functional and adaptable email app, it also offer support of other third party applications such as Omnifocus, Pocket, Evernote, Textexpander and other apps. It makes easy to switch between accounts and folders by just swiping left and right.


  • Easy User Interface, makes it simple to switch between multiple accounts and folders by just swiping
  • There is undo feature, so you don’t need to bother about wrongly composed mails
  • Offer supports of plenty third party apps such as Omnifocus, Evernote, Pocket and more

Download Dispatch

3. Hop


Hop is awesome email app which present inbox completely different from traditional email. One great thing about this is,  it automatically revamps emails into general chat conversations, like in messaging apps. It is synced with emails from web service, so all your documents and media all are stored on cloud. It offers support to many cloud accounts including Google, AOL, iCloud, Yahoo and others.


  • Converts emails into natural conversations, as found in instant messaging services
  • Syncs with all devices where you are logged in and so all documents and media are stored on cloud
  • Allows anyone to easily enter into discussion, without asking for any installation, registration or login

Download Hop

4. Boxer


Boxer is the quickest intelligent mail app which adapts to your work. Every aspect of this is perfectly tailored and helps you do more work in less time and you can quickly swipe Inbox to zero. Its functional dashboard offers the user a quick look at everything of his/her inbox and other folders of their account. It’s partnership with popular service such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Evernote, Dropbox and Box offers quick and easy access to those service whenever and wherever user needs them.


  • Quick, smarter and easily adaptable to the way how you work.
  • Supports six emails services including Yahoo, Google, Outlook, AOL, iCloud and Exchange.
  • Partnered with Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook, LinkedIn and other services such that user can easily access these services whenever required.

Download Boxer

5. Triage


Triage is the another popular Inbox app developed by Southgate labs limited, for those who struggle to stay on top of their email. It doesn’t based around traditional mailboxes, message lists and other folder of your mail, rather it presents your mails as a stack of cards.


  • Messages in mailbox are presented as stack of cards
  • Easy to manage mails and switch between accounts as well
  • Currently offers to email clients including Google, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Mail and many other 3rd party mail clients through IMAP.

Download Triage

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