WWDC 2018 : Apple’s top 12 announcements at annual keynote event


Apple WWDC 2018 finally happened after months of wait. There were a bunch of announcements that Apple made. Certain software upgrades, the addition of new features and what not. Millions of Apple fans around the world tuned in to Apple’s live stream of the event because they couldn’t wait to see what Apple has in store for its various software platforms in 2018. In case you missed things, don’t you worry; we’ll cover everything up right now!

Below are the major announcements from WWDC 2018 conference.

iOS 12

ios 12 1

As expected by everyone. Apple kick-started the event by announcing about iOS 12. This is the first modern iOS release that will be made available to all devices that currently support iOS 11. The main aim of iOS 12 is stability and performance improvements. iOS 12 will allegedly make the iPhone faster and more responsive than its previous iteration.

ARKit 2

Augmented reality and Apple’s ARKit development platform was also showcased, with Apple teaming up with Pixar to develop a new file format for sharing AR content. Apple’s second major ARKit release brings tons of big improvements to the company’s AR development kit. ARkit 2 lets different users see the same AR objects from different perspectives with their devices

ios performance

Apple announced a new app called Measure that lets you measure objects and distances in augmented reality. Apple added tons of other useful functionality such as the ability to automatically identify and measure objects, and the ability to view objects at actual size in AR.


smart siri

Siri is got a new feature called Shortcuts. A user can add Shortcuts from your favourite apps to Siri. Siri will also offer you automated suggestions on your lock screen based on your actions.

App updates

apple news 1

After Google updated their News app, it was anticipated that Apple will do so too. And here it is Apple did update few of its app, including the Google News. The revamped version of Google news according to Apple will contain “trusted stories.”

voicec memos 1

Stocks app has been updated to work on iPad and includes news integrations along with the Voice which will have complete cloud support!

New Animoji and Memoji

memoji 1

Apple introduced the highly viral and much-wanted feature of Animoji. However, they went one step ahead and introduced, ‘Memoji’; personalized, animated emoji that can be designed to look like you (or, at least, how you’d like your Messages buddies to see you). Freckles, glasses, hairstyles – you get the picture.

Group FaceTime

face time group

Apple’s video calling app is getting group video chat, with support for up to 32 participants, 4 of which are being displayed at any given time. Group Facetime will also be integrated into Apple Messages

watchOS 5

watch OS 5

watchOS is getting a bunch of new features with watchOS 5. This includes features like the walkie-talkie app that brings voice chats to the wrist, the ability to browse the web in some limited fashion, and a podcast app to listen to podcasts directly on the Apple Watch.


notification 1

Grouped notifications is also coming to iOS, a feature that was waited for so so long. The notifications are grouped by app, topic, and/or thread.

Screen time


Basically the Apple’s version of the Parent control App. This app will tell you exactly how you’re using the phone, how much time you’re spending on apps, and what apps you use most.

screentime 21

You can monitor your App usage which lets you limit the App usage. You can also define the amount of time that an App can be used in a day.

screen time limit

Parents will get screen time reports from the devices they kids use, and they can limit their time in apps, by categories and individual apps

tvOS 12 and Apple TV

dolby atmos

Apple TV and Apple TV 4K will get a nice update later this summer with the Dolby Atmos support. Dolby Atmos object-based audio brings you overhead sounds as well as standard surround sound. This update makes Apple TV 4K the only box that’s both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos certified


privacy facebook 1

The hot topic of the world managed to garner some of the Apple’s attention. Apple is making it harder for Facebook and others to track users on third-party websites. Users who want to share content with Facebook’s sharing buttons have to specifically allow a website to interact with Facebook’s servers first. Apple is also limiting the amount of configuration data devices share with websites, which should make it harder to individually identify devices. These privacy features will come both to iOS and MacOS.

MacOS Mojave

macos mojave

Moving from the mountains inspiring recent Mac software updates to the deserts of the Mojave, Apple’s new MacOS release has been revealed, with lots of exciting new features for Mac fans.

Dark Mode

dark mode 1

A new ‘Dark Mode’ was introduced, which makes all Apple first-party apps take on a darker hue. The dark mode is said to be integrated into the App store and all the third party have to support this feature as well. According to Federighi the dark mode will be Easy on the eyes for late night use and has been developed keeping the photo editors and photographers in mind.

Desktop stacks

This feature which will group all of the contents automatically my kind, date, or tag. It can organize files by file types like documents, presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images and so on. The user can access the stack by clicking on it and it opens it. After choosing the desired program it retracts back.


With macOS Mojave, Apple is bringing the dramatically improved screenshot tools from iOS over to the Mac, including support for annotation markup, and even letting you easily take videos of your desktop.

iOS apps in macOS

Apple is building tools that will allow developers to bring their iOS apps to macOS with barely any code changes needed. These tools will become available to developers sometime in 2019.

There were many features and announcements that people anticipated but never saw it come to life. Information about the introduction of the iPhone SE 2 is still unknown. Which features do you think missed out from your list? Comment down below and do let us know!

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