Top Brands That Offer Some of Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets


When you’re shopping for the best motorcycle helmets, the kind of helmet you buy is just as important as the act of buying one. You’ve got a lot of options to choose from: Features, fit and safety ratings are a few key factors you have to consider. Each brand’s reputation and performance are also important. This guide can help you make sense of your choices and pick a women’s full-face helmet that best meets your needs.

Why Shoei Has Some of the Best Motorcycle Helmets

If you know a little bit about Shoei, you may not be surprised to see its helmets listed among the best. The Tokyo-based company has produced motorcycle helmets since the late 1950s. But it wasn’t until 1965 that the brand gained major notice beyond Japan: That’s the year when Honda adopted Shoei helmets as its genuine helmets. As you can imagine, that was a huge development that helped the brand expand globally.

Shoei’s also been ahead of the curve in innovation. For instance, they were one of the first manufacturers to adopt carbon-fiber helmets during the mid-1970s. Shoei’s helmet design process is one of the industry’s most rigorous. It has to be – the company’s professional racing team tests each model and offers critical feedback. At least 50 people are involved in creating, testing and fine-tuning every helmet design, and nothing goes to market without meeting the brand’s exacting standards for performance and safety.

Shoei’s helmets are also consistently top-ranked by both riders and industry pros. Its RF-1200 Harmonic is a great example – it constantly gets five-star ratings, thanks to a few key features:

  • Compact aerodynamic shape
  • Slimmer shell construction
  • Wider helmet bottom for easier on/off
  • 3D Max-Dry System II liner

The RF-1200 Harmonic features Shoei’s proprietary AIM+ shell. Interwoven layers of fiberglass plus organic fibers and resin create a super-strong and lightweight shell, absorbing impact energy without weighing wearers down. This helmet is both DOT and Snell M2015 certified, meeting strict standards for performance, comfort and safety.

What Are Some Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets When It Comes to Safety?

You’ve seen a few reasons why Shoei offers some of the best options in women’s motorcycle helmets on sale. While you’re shopping for the rest of your gear, don’t forget about your jacket. With so many choices, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, a few recommendations can help you find the best one for your riding style.

Take a look at Joe Rocket’s Atomic 4.0: If you’re not a fan of wearing reflective vests but need nighttime visibility, the Atomic 4.0 is your best women’s motorcycle jacket. Pairing black with several high-impact shades, this jacket features reflective stripes plus a waterproof Rock Tex 600 shell and C.E. approved shoulder and elbow armor. Joe Rocket’s Cleo 2.2 mesh jacket also stands out with its bold graphic/color combos, reflective striping and mesh torso. Add C.E. approved elbow and shoulder armor and you have a first-class jacket balancing protection with cool comfort.

A Few Last Words About Motorcycle Gear

Shopping for motorcycle gear can be a fun experience. Safety comes first, but shopping at a reputable powersports dealer is also vital. Choose a retailer with multiple shipping options, high customer ratings, verified reviews and a favorable returns policy.

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