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The next version of Apple iOS 12 the operating system for all iPhones and iPads will officially start rolling out in the fall of 2018 (September).

We can expect Apple iOS 12 to address issues with performance and quality, and focus on stability and bug fixes. And the company will also give a glimpse of the first look on June 4 at the WWDC conference. Apple has already confirmed the dates for WWDC. Apple’s iOS is one of the most awaited upgrades which is getting its user excite.

Apple has a long list of wished-for features that we hope will make it into Apple iOS 12.

According to Bloomberg, Apple was originally planning to introduce features that included a refresh of the Home screen with a redesigned app grid, a revamped CarPlay interface, improvements to core apps like Mail, and updates to picture-taking, photo editing, and photo sharing, but the company has opted to delay these features until 2019 in order to focus more heavily on making iPhones “more responsive and less prone to cause customer support issues.”

Expected features of Apple iOS 12

  • It is expected to have Improved Shazam integration in the iPhone and iPad, following Apple’s acquisition of the company. An easy one to start.
    There will renewed focus on Animoji in iOS 12 with newer characters. Reports have claimed Apple will introduce three new iPhone X variants for 2018 with Face ID on the front. So Animoji will get some new features in iOS 12. Animoji could also come to the next-gen iPad Pro, which will have a similar TrueDepth camera.
  • AirPlay 2 is an important update to Apple’s AirPlay tech because it allows for multi-room audio. Support for AirPlay 2 was included in the first couple of betas of iOS 11.3, but it had removed in the third beta, which has led some to postulate that it may have been postponed until iOS 12.
  • The biggest change coming in iOS 12 may be cross-platform apps. The update, along with macOS 10.14, will allow developers to design a single app that will work on iPhones, iPads, and Macs, a stark change from the separate Mac and iOS apps available today.
  • Apple’s going to make some improvements in terms of Parental Controls in iOS 12. Apple’s iOS 12 will let parents know how much time their kids spend in front of iPhone screens, thanks to an all-new Digital Health tool. This could allow parents to monitor screen time with One possible Parental Controls focused feature could be a per-app passcode or Touch ID lock.
    Apple is spending time on addressing issues with performance and quality of iOS 12 and will focus more on quality improvements, rather than just cramming it with new features. Apple wants to make sure everything works as claimed when the final build is rolled out.
  • It seems that Apple will focus on stability and bug fixes, as well as making iPhones “more responsive” and “less prone to cause customer support issues”.
  • A redesigned Home screen for iPhone and iPad will be expected by the launch of iOs12
  • It’s expected that Augmented Reality features and ARKit will see a boost in the next version of iOS12.
  • It is expected that Apple will introduce a feature long requested by iOS users i.e the ability to make group calls via FaceTime video. Screen sharing will be a useful feature if you are trying to help troubleshoot an iOS device remotely.
  • Apple has been granted a patent covering dynamic keyboard positioning on touchscreens, whereby the individual keys are placed in response to the detected position of the user’s fingertips in a future update of iOS, although it appears to be targeted at tablets only.
  • It might also have Multi-person augmented reality games.
  • It is also expected to have deeper Siri integration in Photos for search purposes so that that user can have more options.

We think Apple will remove the bottom rung of each list, with the Air 1, mini 2 and iPhone 5s missing out. Apple currently sells only one model of iPod touch, so we don’t expect that to lose compatibility, but its days may be numbered.