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Apple iOS 9 vs iOS 8 : Comparison

This article provides the information between recently announced Apple's iOS 9 Vs iOS 8 to know what are the changes we can find in these two mobile operating system of Apple

Apple releases iOS 8.3 with emoji updates and wireless carplay

Apple released its third major update, that is iOS 8 is upgraded to iOS 8.3 which brings emoji updates, wireless carplay and more tweaks to the operating system

How to save file to DropBox from iOS8

This article provides you information about how to save file to DropBox from iOS8 using the share extension on iOS where you can upload a file to your Dropbox account from anywhere on OS

How to set up messages to delete automatically on iOS 8

There are many features on iOS 8, where users can set up messages to delete automatically after a set amount of time and the main reason that Apple introduced this feature is to overcome from regular text messages to iMessages to photos, videos, and audio notes

iOS 9 to focus on stability and performance improvements : Rumor

iOS 9 is code-named as Monarch which includes a collection of under-the-hood improvements. Sources tell us that iOS 9 engineers are putting focus on fixing bugs, stability, performance for the new OS

Best iOS Photo editing apps

This article provides you the clear information about the best iOS photo editing apps with their cost and some of them includes Snapspeed, Camera+, Photo shop express and photo shop Touch

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