iOS Games

DomiNations game launches on iPad and iPhone devices

DomiNations a new game which allows players to choose one of seven great nations to lead through the Ages, gathering resources, forming an army and taking troops into battle for worldwide supremacy.

Pivots new iOS number addition fun game

Pivots is a new number game for iOS devices where you use math in a race against the clock. The objective of Pivots is to add rows and columns up to 15 before the clock runs out, and the game offers you the ability to change the board in order to reach goal

ZeptoLab’s King of Thieves game available for iOS devices

King of Thieves game is now available for iOS devices, and the game is created by the ZeptoLab which is a Russian entertainment gaming company very well-known with a popular game Cut the Rope

Playworld superheroes for kids available on App Store

Playworld superheroes is a new iOS game launches yesterday, this game is created specially for kids where they jump between a real world setting with their own tree house and costume-building materials, and a fantastic world where those designs are realized

First Chapter of sons of Anarchy : Adventure game

First Chapter of sons of Anarchy is an adventure game which is inspired popular Televison serial FX crime, Currently this game is available on App store for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad

Gameloft announces Dungeon Hunter 5 for release later this year

Gameloft released the Dungeon Hunter 4 for iOS in the year 2013 April and now later this year Dungeon Hunter 5 is coming soon which is going to be released by the Gameloft again

How to play iOS Games on Television

Interested candidates can play the iOS games on Television for bigger screen experience which is possible by using the Airplay mirroring technology with iOS device as controller

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