How to add space separators to dock on Mac

If you wants to add space separators to dock in your Mac OS X then simply follow this article which provides you clear information and also gives you how to blank space empty

How to hide specific user account from login screen of OS X

Users of Mac will have multiple user accounts on single machine, suppose you want to hide the specific user account from screen of OS X follow this article for more information

How to detect adware from mac OS X easily with adwaremedic

If your tensed about adware impacting to your Mac, easily you can remove, detect and you clear all the junk that found in OS X by using a free utility named adwaremedic.

How to Re-install OS X with internet recovery on Mac

In some situations you may require reinstalling in OS X, This can be done easily because now all the modern Mac OS X has internet recovery Feature which makes you to reinstall via internet

How to view saved passwords on OS X

Cloud storage is becoming very prominent and many of the people create at least 3 or 4 accounts weekly on different online services. Every...

How to setup Android USB tethering on OS X

Almost all of the current generation smartphones feature Wi-Fi tethering which allows you to share the phone's internet connection with PC or Mac through...

How to enable text selection in OS X’s quick look

The users who uses Mac may come across OS X's quick look, pop-up window that asks to press the space bar when a file or folder is highlighted on the desktop or in finder

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