TRAI threatens Apple with legal action for displaying ‘Do not Disturb’ iOS App


Apple says the DND app envisioned by the government of India stands to violate privacy policies of the app store. It amounts to data invasion on user devices.

India’s Telecom regulator is miffed with smartphone giant apple for delaying the anti spam app which the latter was supposed to develop for the government. TRAI has now threatened to take legal action against Apple, which had agreed last october to come up with the ‘DND’ iOS app.

The app meant for curbing spam calls and SMS on the iOS platform has consistently been ‘delayed’  by apple. This has prompted TRAI to take the legal route.

Apple is said to have been cautious because the proposed DND app would mean accessing customers call and text logs in what would amount to an invasion of privacy. Apple hasn’t met TRAI since November 2017 and the regulatory authority is awaiting “basic clarifications” on the potential features the iOS app can offer.

Apple shares TRAI’s vision of preventing unwanted telemarketing communication from reaching users. It is undecided on the functionalities of app.

According to TRAI, DND helps in the “crowdsourcing of data about offending messages and calls to speed up detection of unregistered telemarketers”. It also offers updates about the action taken on complaints within the app.

Apple’s rift with TRAI has emerged at a time when tech giants are being scrutinised and ridiculed world wide for misusing and abusing user data. Several governments and administrative bodies, are cracking on the likes of Facebook, Google.

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