Trello App for iOS updates with many new features


The trello iOS app was just updated and the new version is bringing many new features to the popular project management app. Trello is very popular among those in the business world since it is one of the best work organization apps out there. If you have been using trello on your iOS device, keep reading to learn about all of the new features in this update.

The Project management app trello just released a major update for people on iOS. The new update brings the iOS version and this update should be rolling out right now. The big change is the new drag and drop support. This allows you to drag the various attachments you might have in other apps right now into the trello cards. You will need to be running iOS 11 in order to use the new drag and drop feature. There is also support for multi select, which means you can attach more than one document at once.

On this new update, you will also have the custom fields power up option. It can use custom fields on your trello yellow cards. The feature allows you to better organize all the information you need. This could include dates, numerical values, text values, checkboxes And drop down lists.

Another nice update is that there are due date selector buttons. If you are trying to navigate through the various dates, this will make things much easier. There is no longer the Raw URL as the notification, actions and descriptions will also be showing the names with the trello icon.

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