tvOS 11.2 with HDR options, Live Sports now available for Apple TV 4K


Apple has officially made available the new tvOS 11.2 for Apple TV (Fourth Gen) and Apple TV 4K and it is now available as a free software update to the users. One of the major features in tvOS 4.2, according to Apple is the ability to dynamically change HDR and Frame rate based on the content playing. After upgrading to tvOS 11.2, the feature will be present in settings tab for audio and video.

According to Apple

We’ll use your selected display format to play content without alteration. We can also switch formats automatically to match the content’s dynamic range and frame rate.

The match content feature will have the option to match high dynamic range (HDR) as well as frame rate. Match Dynamic Range will make sure that the content playing on the screen is played in the original resolution. That means, any content, which is not in 4K resolution, will not be forced to play with 4K resolution. It will make sure that the content with lesser resolution is also played perfectly fine, without getting too pixelated.

The latest update also brings live sports tab for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (fourth-gen). With the live sports option, Apple has partnered with ESPN for broadcasting live and exclusive game content along with providing live scores of the games. Users can also set their preferences and it will notify once the game is close to starting. The personalization feature also shows the games according to latest trends. Users do have an option to disable the live sports tab as well.

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