Twitter plans to crackdown all third-party clients working for Mac/iOS


For years, third party Twitter clients have offered alternative ways to access the popular social network for users that weren’t fans of Twitter’s official app. These clients have been hugely popular across iOS and Android but Twitter’s going to essentially break each and every one after June 19, 2018.

Twitter will be eliminating its “Streaming services”. When this happens, push notifications will no longer work and timelines won’t refresh automatically.

Streaming services are being replaced by the new Account Activity API, and while this could be used as a way to keep notifications working as is, the possibility of this happening is looking rather weak. Twitter still hasn’t given third party developers access to the API, and while the free version of it allows for the push notifications to work for 35 accounts, pricing details for the enterprise model that supports an unlimited number of users have yet to be announced.

While the Account Activity API, could keep push notifications working, there’s currently no way for third party developers to keep automatic timeline refreshes in place.

Twitter is never been open to developers creating third party clients that are often better than its own apps and for years its tried to combat this with a token system.

Twitter’s mobile app has gotten considerably better over the years, but still there are a lot of things that other apps do much better.

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