Twitter launches tweet translation feature for iOS


Twitter is working on adding new features to the mobile apps. Yesterday it has released ‘while you are away’ feature which helps the users to not miss anything when they are away from the app. It is expected this feature may come to Android and web version with in few weeks. Today Twitter has came up with another new feature called as Tweet translation for iOS and other mobile platforms as well as on web version.

This new tweet translation was powered by Bing. Previously this features is available on TweetDeck and has been tested before launching the full version, which is on for a while now. Twitter has made an announcement on its Twitter page regarding this update as shown below.


Here is how to adjust and view the tweet translation feature.

How to adjust tweet translation feature

  • First login to your Twitter account from your PC.
  • Navigate to the account settings and find tweet translation section.
  • Now check the box next to show tweet translations, from now you can see the translation for the tweets.

How to view tweet translation

  • If you come across Tweet in the different language, then lock for the globe icon located in Tweet.
  • If you see this, tap on the Tweet to expand it.
  • Now translation to the tweet will appear below the original tweet.

As of now, this translation feature supports more than 40 languages. if you don’t want this option for some reason you can easily disable this feature by going to account settings.

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