Ultra-powerful Mac Pro in development; Confirms Apple

Apple is working on a new modular Apple Mac Pro, which is expected to offer top of the line specifications and the ability to upgrade the internals.


Apple has launched its much-anticipated Apple iMac Pro, the most powerful Mac ever + the costliest Mac costing anywhere between $4,000 to $14,000 depending on the CPU, GPU, and the RAM configuration. However, though the iMac Pro offers the up to date specifications, which is expected to offer unprecedented performance over the timeframe of next two years. So, what can you expect on a new Apple Mac Pro?

However, for those who are ready to spend as much as a minimum of $5,000, this is not enough and expect to offer a slight modularity at least with respect to storage and RAM modularity. In fact, the best ever Mac that Apple has ever made (modern Apple) was the Apple Mac Pro, which has a cylindrical shape with a heavy number of ports and complete modularity.

It looks like Apple know this issue and working on a next-generation Apple Mac Pro, which is expected to offer similar performance as that of the Apple iMac Pro + ability to make future hardware updates. Here are the few key points regarding the same and Apple has also given hints regarding the same.

“a completely redesigned, next-generation Mac Pro.” “pro customers who need the highest performance.” “new high-end pro display.”

As the Jonathan Eve is back in its throne as the Chief Design engineer for Apple, the company might offer a completely redesigned hardware. If we try to decode this three quotes, the first thing that we can look in these three sentences is as follows.

The first quote clearly says that the company is working on a new hardware with a complete redesign. The next one says this will be for those who might expect high performance, probably for the professional users. Finally, the last quote says that the company is working on a new display, probably a 5K one. If the rumours are to be believed, then, LG is expected to design a new display for the upcoming Mac Pro, as they have already done the same last year.

In terms of specifications and numbers, we have no idea regarding what to expect or what not to expect on this upcoming Apple Mac Pro? However, we are sure that, this piece of hardware will be a lot powerful compared to the Apple iMac Pro with the advantage of modularity.

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